Heath Ceramics

I first heard of Heath Ceramics after Edith Heath passed away in 2005. Dwell magazine wrote an engaging article on Edith and the history of her Sausalito studio. I was intrigued to read that the studio now known for its modern, refined dinnerware, was best known for their "safety" ashtrays in the middle of the century. Their ashtrays were deemed safe because the height of the rim, and could be found most in government offices.

A few years after reading the article my aunt began working for Heath, in the original Sausalito production factory and store. In the years since, Heath stoneware and tile seem to be popping up everywhere, and I couldn't be happier. I love the clean simplicity of their forms and their beautiful glazes, which make investment pieces that are distinct, but timeless. Their stores are also so well designed and curated that I'd live in them if I could.

My aunt has began giving me pieces to create my own collection in the persimmon color above. After a couple years of storing them as precious objects of art, I've decided it's time to pull them out and use them as they're meant to be used - with food on them! They're holding up great, and now make me happy everyday.



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