I took Blogshop's video class on Monday and Tuesday and it was awesome. It was a pleasure to meet the two highly talented and motivated teachers Bri and Angela, and I learned a surprising amount in a day and a half. Our first day of class we learned about techniques of shooting film, and the second day we dove in Photoshop 6 to learn how to  assemble video and sound, and edit film into a story. Editing video in Photoshop 6 was refreshingly easy to pick up, and the class got me totally inspired to start creating my own video projects. It's also crazy how in just a day and a half I learned enough to change how I view video. I find myself replaying videos to watch for transitions and analyze the different angles of a shot - things I wouldn't have never noticed just days ago.

I clearly have a ton to learn still, but I'm excited to get started on my own list of video projects.

Tiger in a Jar

Heath Ceramics