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Diane Von Furstenberg

I had the great privledge of hearing an interview with Diane Von Furstenberg in-person recently. I loved the strength, wisdom, and humor she brought to the conversation. She struck me as a woman who knows herself well, believes in what she has to offer the world, and encourages others to do the same.

A few months ago I got really into this interview series call the The Conversation.  Once I watched the first episode I was hooked. Each episode is a composition of conversations with photographer Amanda de Cadenet and women ranging from actresses to entrepreneurs. The lineup includes Diane von Furstenberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda, Eva Mendes, Arianna Huffington, Connie Britton, Donna Karen, Sentor Kirsten Gillibrand and Lady Gaga. 

The unique stories and honesty in each interview is captivating. I loved hearing these interesting women talking about issues and experiences with a perspective unique to being a woman. The topics span love, sex, careers, money, kids, and self-esteem - all the most compelling subjects in life.

Many of Diane's messages and stories I heard a few weeks ago are also captured in the interview below. I highly recommend it.

The Conversation

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